納見文夫 フミチャードリームス デザインディレクター

Business Consultant

Since early childhood, he had an interest in the design of clothes he worked on fashion and art design for a major foreign IT company. Using the company's summer holidays and vacations, he traveled back and forth to Florence in Italy for 5 years, acquiring the basics of Taylor design and shoemaking method, starting self-taught creative activities of clothing making.

In 2010, he retired from the IT company and started to work as a business consultant. In the same year in Milan, he announced the fashion brand "GUPTA" at an overseas exhibition. He also worked as a multi-talent clothing designer and gained popularity from overseas customers.

In 2011, increasing needs of his consulting business, stopped his full-scale design activity for 7 years. Aiming for a product design that could be offered to the world, in 2018 Fumicha Dream Co., Ltd. was established. Making products based on traditional Japanese technology as the main concept started its product design production.

The company already support domestic companies as well as brand building through OEM / licensing to apparel and select shops in two overseas companies of Milano, Firenze, and NY.

In near future, regardless of the genre, full-scale product design and artwork creation will be developed.


2010年勤務していた大手外資系コンサルティングファームをプリンシバル就任を機に退職し、フリーのビジネスコンサルタントとして活動。今迄の各種デザインコンサルティング技術とITコンサルティング技術を結集し、ビジネスコンサルティング集団を目的とした株式会社 フミチャードリームスを設立し、大手企業のDX戦略や事業戦略・業務再構築のグランドデザイン、セキュリティコンサルティングを手掛ける。


企業名称 株式会社 フミチャードリームス
所在地 埼玉県熊谷市肥塚1-4-47
代表取締役兼CEO 納見文夫
資本金 2千万円
事業内容 ビジネスデザインの企画・開発・コンサルティング
  1. ビジネスコンサルティング

  2. アパレル企業のファッション課題を問診して、ファッションアイテムの企画・提案・デザイン・生地企画・パターン作成迄のプラン一式の提供。

  3. インテリア家具メーカ・販売店の商品課題を問診して、インテリア家具アイテムの企画立案と提案・デザイン・開発迄の提供。

  4. 工業品デザイン(ロードバイク・オートバイ・クルマ等)の企画・デザインの提供。

  5. ビジネス用途に応じたアート、グラフィックデザイン一式の提供。

  6. アパレル/インテリア家具のOEM/ODMの提供。
Company name FumitureDreams Inc.
Location 1-4-47, Koizuka, Kumagaya-shi, Saitama, Japan
Representative Director and CEO Fumio Noumi
Capital 20 million yen
Business description Business description: Planning, development and consulting of product design
  1. Business Consulting

  2. Provide a set of plans. Questioning fashion issues of apparel companies, to planning, proposing, designing, making and creating patterns of fashion items.

  3. Interview furniture makers ・ Shop dealer interview, interior furniture planning, proposal・design ・ until the development.

  4. Planning and design of industrial design (road bike, motorcycle, car etc).

  5. Provide art and graphic design suite according to the business.